About Us

Martiansreunited.com is owned and managed by Mars Reunited Ltd, a company set up in 2007 by two former Mars associates, Lis Long and Mike Smith.  We both find it useful and enjoyable to be in touch with friends and colleagues from Mars and we wanted to make that opportunity easily available to everyone

Mike worked in Mars Confectionery, Snackfood Europe and Masterfoods Europe from 1979, firstly in Sales and then in P&O.  Since 2005, he has run his own consultancy business, which includes Branding for Talent, a partnership with Paul Jackson (ex-Mars Marketing), which provides support to companies who want to strengthen their Employer Brand.

Lis worked in P&O in Mars Confectionery and Mars Electronics; she then founded PERSONA, which has worked as a supplier to many Mars units and to former Mars colleagues in other companies for 20 years. She now runs W4 Productions, a consultancy business specialising in Organisation Development and, increasingly, as an Executive and Career coach.

Membership of Martians Reunited is open to anyone who is or has ever been an associate of Mars, Wrigley, Royal Canin or any other company acquired by Mars:  at any time, anywhere, in any function. It includes people who have retired, those who have left and are still actively engaged in their careers, and current associates.

Our ideas for the site and the services it could provide are continuously evolving as the site grows and develops - and will no doubt continue to do so - we hope with the ideas and suggestions of all current and potential members. Please feel free to make any suggestions and give us any feedback that you think would help us give a better service.

Mike Smith  Mike.Smith@MartiansReunited.com

Lis Long  Lis.Long@MartiansReunited.com


Registered Address: Mars Reunited Ltd, The Gatehouse, 2 Devonhurst Place, Heathfield Terrace, London W4 4JD.
Company No: 6452205