Advertising Guidelines
Types of Advertising

Enables members to post vacancies or announce recruitment campaigns to generate candidates and recommendations from other members.

Each advertisement can display the company name; the title, location and summary of the vacancy; plus a link to a more detailed job specification with application details.
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Members’ Professional Services
Designed for members offering professional and business services such as consultancy.

You can use up to 480 characters to describe your business and add your company logo, website link and contact details.
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Classified Advertisements
For members to advertise anything, which isn’t business related– this could be holiday cottages, cars or even prize orchids.

You can use up to 120 characters to describe the item, upload an image and add your contact email and telephone number.
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Marketing Content in the Newsletter
If you have a business announcement or a new product or service that you want to publicise to members. You can contact us to discuss marketing copy for the monthly newsletter.

One of the objectives of Martians Reunited is to enable members to offer services or products to other members and to learn about products and services that may be of use or interest to them.

Costs of Advertising

Marketing Content in the Newsletter

Costs are dependent upon size.
Please email with your requirements and we will contact you.

Professional Servics Ads

From November 2009, the fee for advertising a professional service will be £100 per annum plus V.A.T. where appropriate.