Contributors' Guidelines

Thank you very much for contributing to your knowledge and expertise to Martians Reunited.  We hope the following guidelines will help you in putting any material together.

1. Articles can be about any subject likely to be of professional or personal interest to current or former Mars associates. 

2. Articles are designed for information and to share knowledge and ideas, rather than to advertise a particular product or service.

3. The length of any one item should normally be between 1,000 and 5,000 words (i.e. 2-10 pages) but we can of course be flexible if the material cries out for different treatment (longer or shorter).

4. Please email the article or chapter in text format - with illustrations if appropriate - to We reserve the right to edit material before posting it on the website but we will not do so without your consent.

5. Articles and chapters should start with a brief synopsis (a sentence or two) of what it's about. (This is the bit that will go at the beginning of the article before the hyperlink to More….)

6. Please give the following information (only) at the end of the article:

  • Copyright statement (e.g. © Mary Smith 2008)
  • Your email address.
  • If what you are sending is an excerpt from a book then, if you wish, please also send us the link to the relevant page of Amazon so that we can give readers the opportunity to Buy the book…
  • A link to your profile on Martians Reunited where you can give more personal and business details.