The Martians Reunited website will be shut down on 30/10/21. We are currently working on an exciting new Alumni Platform that will be launching in 2022! Keep an eye on your inbox and follow us on the LinkedIn Mars Alumni group for further details and updates.

FAQs for Martians Reunited

We’ve compiled a selection of the most common FAQs regarding Martians Reunited. Please read through the questions below to find the answers you’re looking for. If you’ve looked but are still unable to find an answer to your question please Contact Us and someone will get you an answer!

Who is eligible to join Martians Reunited?

Membership of Martians Reunited is open to anyone who is or has been an associate of Mars or Wrigley: at any time, anywhere, in any function. It includes people who have retired, those who have left Mars and are still actively engaged in their careers, and current Associates.

What languages are in use on the site?

The official language of Martians Reunited is English and all postings will default to English.

Local groups of Mars Associates or former Associates are invited to link their websites (which may of course be in any language chosen by their members) to Martians Reunited and to share details of any news, events or initiatives.

Can I check the website out before deciding whether to join?

You are welcome to check out the website and to visit all the public pages before you join. You can also do a People Search to see who else is a member. For security reasons, you will not be able to see people’s personal or contact details, or members-only content, until you register as a member.

How do you keep my details secure?

We take great care when signing people up to the website to make sure that they are bona fide current or former Mars or Wrigley associates. For full details see the Register page. [LINK TO: 0.2]

I can't access the site - help!

If you cannot log on to Martians Reunited, check out these two common problems:

1) Are you using a different email address from the one you used when you first joined? If so, try logging on with the address you used when you joined, and then when you have logged in you can update your email address.

2) Are you trying to log on using the AOL web browser? If so, try another browser. AOL does not work with Martians Reunited, unfortunately. However, all other major browsers work fine and the site is optimized for all major web browsers including Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome.

If you have checked these and still can't get in, Contact Us and we will try to help. [LINK TO: Contact Us]

I have a new email address - how can I still get the newsletter?

You can change the email address that your newsletter goes to and that shows on your personal profile. Once you have logged in click on My Profile and then click on Edit Profile. You can then change your email address and add any update/edit any other information on your profile.

How do I contact another member?

Martians Reunited offers several ways to find and contact other members. The first step is to check the profile (type the member's name into Search to find their profile). If there are no contact details available there (some people choose not to have their contact details visible to other members).

How is the site financed?

Martians Reunited is independent of Mars, although we work in full cooperation. Editors and contributors give their time free and we receive contributions to the costs of hosting and development from advertising on the site (the Mars advertising banners that you see on the site and the newsletter, and Professional Services advertising). In addition, we have just started a link with Amazon, so that if you buy any books or products through Amazon links on this site, we will receive a small commission. This commission makes no difference to the price you pay, but it will, we hope, help us develop Martians Reunited further in line with changes you tell us that you would like to see.

How can I find other members?

On the Home Page, click on People Search.

If you are logged in you will be able to find individual members or search for a group of people. If you are not logged in or not a member of the site, you can search for people but you will only be able to see their names and not their contact details.

Standard Member Search

View All Members: scroll through and click on a name to get a link to the profile.

Search for a Member: search by first name, last name or both.

Advanced Member Search

You can search for members by gender, nationality, category, country of residence. Or, by using Free Text Search you can search on any aspect of members’ profiles. Just insert the keyword and click Search to get links to relevant profiles