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This section brings together links to stories and articles about Martians from across the site: news, interviews, links to posts on the forum.  If you have any suggestions for this section, do please let us know by emailing



Nick Cumiskey writes:  The first thing I wanted to do after retirement was to learn how to write a program for the Android platform.  Well, I am glad to say... to read the rest please follow the link


Carol Woodworth, a retired associate from Petcare USA will be running the NYC marathon this November on behalf of Hope for the Warriors and would like to hear from other Martians who could run with her. Contact her via our Message Centre.  For more on Hope for the Warriors see

Bob Morrison, Jim Morrison, Will Calvert and friends, with the story of their new brewery


Vanessa Faulkner on how one Mars P&O manager became a garden designer, 

Peter Jacobs on his retirement project, Cove Park Arts Centre

Tom Huetz on his Just Doing My Share forum started in Denville, NJ,

Martians riding a stage of the Tour de France for companion dogs

Bob Eagle on his work with the Royal Institution